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Gratitude – Things that make me smile

"Things that make you smile"This week started out on a bright and breezy note for me, plus there was sunshine which made it even better.  Looking outside now there’s no sunshine, just grey misery and it’s been raining too, guess we need it since there’s been a water shortage warning already.  So back to my week and the smiley moments for which I’m grateful.  Let me just say that I didn’t have a constant grin on my face, just in case you are wondering.

Here are my top 3 “smilies”, is there such a word?  It works on this occasion so I’m keeping it (he he).

  1. Have you ever walked down the street, heard a particular type of music booming from a car stereo, expect to see a  particular type of person and was surprised to see someone the complete opposite?  That was my first smile moment this week, seeing how music brings different cultures together.
  2. Another moment was on the telly, the new Dulux advert, totally not what I was expecting but it made me smile and I’m still smiling.  Have you seen it? Without being too specific, it’s about what affect a particular colour in a particular room can have on your life.  The final facial expression and desire to change the room colour was priceless.
  3. The final one was a video link I came across on twitter about a child’s view on logos.  The descriptions were super fantastic!  Have a look here if you can do with a smile.

I hope that you also had some great smile moments, as they can make such a difference to your day.  I hope you feel that you can share one of your moments with us, every smile counts J.  Thanks to all those unknowing contributors for my smiles.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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